Wednesday, October 13, 2010

"To sit, to sleep, to dream."

What is the first thought you have when you think of fold-out sofa sleepers?

"Uncomfortable," or "Sleepless night" maybe?

We have all slept on those horrible fold-out sofa sleepers where you can't get a minute of 'shut-eye' resulting from the bar or spring pressing into your back, or you just can't get comfortable because the mattress sags in the middle and you keep sliding to the center of the bed. Because of sleepless nights experienced on these type of traditional sofa sleeper, many people tend to shy away from them.

Well, there really is a better solution. We promise!!

A sofa sleeper that is comfortable as both a sofa and a bed...

No bars, no springs, and no sagging!!!

-Winner of the Comsumer Digest's best value in sofa sleepers-

So, what makes it so different?

A lot of things...

-Patented 24/7 platform sleep system features a solid platform base under the entire mattress, hence you bars protruding into your back.

-The mattresses are covered in Crypton fabric, which is a waterproof & stain-proof covering that also resists allergens and dust mites.

-The mattress is made up of 5 inches of plush, high-density foam that provides ergonomic support. The Comfort Sleeper can also be ordered with a Tempur-Pedic mattress.

-The Comfort Sleeper is available in a variety of sizes ranging from a King to a Cot to fit any room.

-A choice of over hundreds of fabrics and over 80 premium leathers.

- Nine different styles to pick from.

-All hardwood frames.

-Lifetime warranty on frame & suspension.

Come into one of our showrooms to try out The Comfort Sleeper.
That's right come lay on one, just no drooling!

We promise you won't find a better sofa sleeper!

Note: All images came from the American Leather Comfort Sleeper Brochure.